Science & Diplomacy

Anno accademico



This course will explain the students how the scientific information and research flows into the international community. Through a solid theoretical background, today and historical examples and high-level guests, students will have a solid overview of the connections between science and diplomacy, based on the so called three pillars (science for diplomacy, diplomacy for science, science in diplomacy). At the end of the course a simulation about the ways science interacts with diplomacy will tests students’ knowledge of the issues. This course will be taught in English.


1st lesson – What is science diplomacy

This lesson will focus on:

  • introduction to the course
  • how science flows into the international arena
  • what is science diplomacy
  • introducing the three pillars

2nd lesson – Science for diplomacy, diplomacy for science
This lesson will focus on:

  • What is science for diplomacy (pillar 1)
  • What is diplomacy for science (pillar 2)
  • What is science in diplomacy (pillar 3)
  • Introduction to the simulation

3rd lesson – Simulation
In this lesson students will be asked to join a simulation of science diplomacy, to produce and discuss publicly a final statement


  • understanding the international environment and the connections between science and society
  • reading and understanding an international agreement or statement involving science
  • providing the basic linguistic skills to give a formal speech regarding science