Science writing in English

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For those who wish to work in the media, or in some other form of science communication, having some knowledge of science writing in English is essential. The science journalism industry is rapidly changing, presenting new opportunities and knowing how to write about science in English opens up audiences in the US, the UK and elsewhere. This course is delivered in English and provides an opportunity to build on existing skills in writing in English and see how they can be applied to different forms of writing, such as blogs and longer science articles. Individual feedback is provided throughout the course so students get a clear insight into how to develop their abilities in writing in English.


Part 1
Day 1
Key principles of science writing in English and widely-used structures for shorter pieces of writing. We will also explore how to adapt your writing for different audiences and the key factors to consider about your audiences.

Day 2
How to grab your readers’ attention and maintain it when writing in English. How to ensure you can explain science clearly and bring it to life for your audience. We will also deconstruct some examples of good writing in English and discover what makes them so effective.

Part 2
Day 1
An introduction to writing blogs in English and adopting a conversational style – plus other current trends in science writing. We will also investigate how to increase the chances of your writing being seen online and consider long-form, or ‘feature’, writing.

Day 2
Advanced research techniques for science writing in English – how to ensure your stories are accurate and engaging. Plus an insider’s guide to getting your work published – including how to write an effective pitch to an editor in English.


  • Provide individual advice for each student into how to develop their written English.
  • Develop knowledge of techniques to explain science clearly and engagingly in English.
  • Provide an insight to the creative aspects of story development.
  • Introduce the opportunities for getting science writing published in English language publications.
  • Develop increased confidence in written and spoken English.